Friday, May 27, 2011

What? An Entire School Year Gone

I know. I know! Something tells me no one even looks at our blog anymore because, alas, it has been at least nine months. But, I have to catch it up for family purposes......this is our family "archive" after all (even though the archiver should be fired). So, here we go, nine months in nine minutes (I'll bet some of you pregnant people wish you could say that!):

OCTOBER: We had an "Oktoberfest" at our home in Thoreau. The kids came down and we picked all of our apples, made Harry Potter wands, had a bonfire, and ate cabbage and brats with apple dumplings for dessert. Decided to make it an annual tradition!

NOVEMBER: Had Thanksgiving with the whole Baker family at Mom's. Our first without Dad, but he was there, I know it. Mom and I did our yearly tradition of waking up at 5:00 a.m. and making tons of pies. You can never make enough! (l. to r. Ruth, Me, Mom, Heather)

DECEMBER: We celebrated Christmas with everyone home in Thoreau! Here are the kids on Christmas Eve in their "Santa Jammies", ha-ha, a tradition that I'm afraid didn't stop when they left home.

JANUARY: Hayden and his trombone were chosen for the NM All-State High School Band. He performed at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque along with his friend Conner.

FEBRUARY: We celebrated Kumen's 50th birthday at the cabin with family and friends! It was a fabulous except that our pipes had frozen over the winter and we had no water. We didn't cancel the party, but came back to Thoreau right afterward. Here Kumen is with his 50th birthday dessert. Cute!

MARCH: We celebrated our two boys' birthdays. We went up to Provo for Josh's 24th and Hayden turned 18! Watch out world! Oh, and we began moving to a new house in Thoreau, which we didn't finish until............well, we aren't finished yet, heh-heh.

APRIL: We went with Hayden to an Eastern Arizona College preview day in Thatcher. We were quite impressed with the small size of the campus and the friendliness of the people. Hayden is pretty sure he has found a home for a year before his mission. He is all registered and also received a music scholarship after auditioning on his trombone. He will be a Marching Monster and be in the jazz band!

MAY: Busy times with our Senior Boy! During the week of graduation and while all of our family was here, Hayden received his Eagle Scout, graduated from high school, had a graduation party, was ordained an Elder, graduated from seminary, and took off for Disneyland with his bubs. Wow, time to take a breath!! Now for summer, it's off to the cabin for some reading, quilting, and relaxing! YAY summertime!


Jacob and Whitney Lauritzen said...

So happy you finally updated your blog! Not that I can really talk...but it seems like you guys have been busy! And it turns out we will be here this next year, so we look forward to seeing you guys whenever you come to visit! :)

stephasauri said...

I still read your blog! It's fun to see what you've been up to! Everyone is getting so old (I'm focusing on the kids, not you and the 50-year-old). Love you!

Alicia Baker said...

Glad you finally updated! Love your family :)

Katy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog; now I am returning the favor!! I think you did a great job of 9 months in 9 minutes. And if you get lonely this next school year you should call me for hanging out. We can scrapbook, bake, anything!! I will want the company too.

The Paisley Page said...

'Twas a great year! I am EXTREMELY glad I'm no longer that fat. Yuck, haha. Love you!

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Bookcollector said...

I enjoyed reading your posts and looking through the photos. It is a pleasure to see how normal we all are. Only you took the time to document it. Thank you for sharing. :-) Karen D.

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