Friday, May 27, 2011

What? An Entire School Year Gone

I know. I know! Something tells me no one even looks at our blog anymore because, alas, it has been at least nine months. But, I have to catch it up for family purposes......this is our family "archive" after all (even though the archiver should be fired). So, here we go, nine months in nine minutes (I'll bet some of you pregnant people wish you could say that!):

OCTOBER: We had an "Oktoberfest" at our home in Thoreau. The kids came down and we picked all of our apples, made Harry Potter wands, had a bonfire, and ate cabbage and brats with apple dumplings for dessert. Decided to make it an annual tradition!

NOVEMBER: Had Thanksgiving with the whole Baker family at Mom's. Our first without Dad, but he was there, I know it. Mom and I did our yearly tradition of waking up at 5:00 a.m. and making tons of pies. You can never make enough! (l. to r. Ruth, Me, Mom, Heather)

DECEMBER: We celebrated Christmas with everyone home in Thoreau! Here are the kids on Christmas Eve in their "Santa Jammies", ha-ha, a tradition that I'm afraid didn't stop when they left home.

JANUARY: Hayden and his trombone were chosen for the NM All-State High School Band. He performed at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque along with his friend Conner.

FEBRUARY: We celebrated Kumen's 50th birthday at the cabin with family and friends! It was a fabulous except that our pipes had frozen over the winter and we had no water. We didn't cancel the party, but came back to Thoreau right afterward. Here Kumen is with his 50th birthday dessert. Cute!

MARCH: We celebrated our two boys' birthdays. We went up to Provo for Josh's 24th and Hayden turned 18! Watch out world! Oh, and we began moving to a new house in Thoreau, which we didn't finish until............well, we aren't finished yet, heh-heh.

APRIL: We went with Hayden to an Eastern Arizona College preview day in Thatcher. We were quite impressed with the small size of the campus and the friendliness of the people. Hayden is pretty sure he has found a home for a year before his mission. He is all registered and also received a music scholarship after auditioning on his trombone. He will be a Marching Monster and be in the jazz band!

MAY: Busy times with our Senior Boy! During the week of graduation and while all of our family was here, Hayden received his Eagle Scout, graduated from high school, had a graduation party, was ordained an Elder, graduated from seminary, and took off for Disneyland with his bubs. Wow, time to take a breath!! Now for summer, it's off to the cabin for some reading, quilting, and relaxing! YAY summertime!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Snippets

At the end of June, we celebrated Father's Day at the cabin with Adamses, Bakers, Beattys, and Davises. So much family, so much fun!!

For our 4th of July picnic, we had Kumen's awesome barbecue ribs, Jill's salsa, and my potato salad at a beautiful park in Provo with our favorite people in the whole world...

then we sat on the grass and played games (accompanied by Hayden on guitar) while waiting to go into BYU stadium...

and got ready for "Stadium of Fire", an amazing patriotic spectacle with Carrie Underwood and the most fireworks I've ever seen in one place.

Next, we dropped Hayden off for a week at EFY in Provo. "Best week of my life." His words, not mine.

Went to visit my beautiful Mama, I love her so much. Had a 78th birthday party for her...

at which Aunt Ginny provided entertainment.

Purchased 2 plots in the Pinedale, AZ Cemetery. Just one of those things that has to be done sometime, you know. The big pine tree will be at our feet :)

Kumen began smoking (meat, that is). Check out the bark on that brisket! Dee-lish!

Now it's off to Colorado for a family adventure: jeep trip, hot springs, and some last minute fun before it's back to school!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It Will Grow Back, Right?

So, yes, I cut my hair. Here is a picture of the back because my hair looks better without my face in it. Seriously...I look like the "Little Dutch Boy" or something. Oh well, it will be back by fall hopefully.

For Mother's Day, Kumen cooked the most fabulous meal. He made "Chicken Castellini" from the Olive Garden website, and let me tell you, Hayden and I could hardly believe how good it was. When Hayden took his first bite he said, "What the heck, Dad?" In other words, "Why don't you cook like this all the time?"

My two "peeps" at our yummy dinner. Kumen has the goofiest smile, it just cracks me up! We also enjoyed Jill and David and Katy and Jesse (+kids) coming for Memorial Day, but I thought I had left my camera at the cabin and didn't take any pics. Yes, I am sad about it. Pictures are the way I do genealogy!! Speaking of genealogy, Kumen and I are totally getting into it and going to the family history center every Wednesday night. We have already done a few sealings and have more names to take to the temple, so that feels really good! I also married Jill to David (online, of course)! So cool how we are all linked. The Church is true!!! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Weirdness

#1 - So, we finally bought a new desktop computer because a virus destroyed our "Dell". Come to find out, our new "HP"computer is not "compatible" with ANYTHING!! No more dial-up internet (which is all the Rez has), no more playing our old games, no more using our HP printer with our new HP computer. So off to WalMart we go to buy another HP printer, even though the other HP printer still works fine.

THE WEIRDNESS: It was $29.00 to buy a brand new HP printer with the ink included, but $34.00 to buy the black and color ink cartridges themselves. Should I just buy a new printer every time I need ink and start giving printers away to friends? Your advice?

#2 - We've been married 26 years, right? Pretty dang blissful. Kumen is so patient, kind, and thoughtful of me. He takes care of me completely.

THE WEIRDNESS: Why is he just now leaving the toilet seat up? Did he just finally decide to rebel? Becoming senile? As Paula and Evan would say, is this a "Sign of the Apocalypse"? Should I start just putting it up for him when I am done? Your advice?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love You, Dad

William Elmer Baker, 79, of Mesa, Arizona passed away on April 21, 2010. Bill was born December 9, 1930 in El Paso, Texas to Alfred Henry Baker and Elna Farnsworth. He graduated from Mesa High School in 1950. Bill married Elaine Rowley on October 12, 1950 with whom he enjoyed 59 wonderful years of marriage, and together they raised 6 children.

Bill was an active, lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a devoted and loving husband, father, and grandfather who delighted in visits from his grandchildren. He was a farmer at heart, raising cows and horses and growing alfalfa on his "mini-farm" in the heart of Mesa. Bill worked hard as a heavy equipment mechanic to honorably support his family. He founded Baker Machinery in 1983 which has since grown into a successful business.

Bill is survived by his wife Elaine; sons Randy (Patsy), Curt (Coleen), Tom (Ginny), Aaron (Ruth); daughters Melinda Turner (Monte) and Nancy Adams (Kumen); 25 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. A viewing will be held Tuesday evening, April 27th at Bunker's Garden Chapel, 33 North Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at the Poinsettia Ward building, 977 E. Broadway, Mesa, AZ, at 10:00 a.m. with visitation one hour prior.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hayden's Junior Prom

Yay! Hayden's first prom (but not his first date, which he will not hesitate to remind you). Here he is with his date Summer Flannery from Gallup. They were such a classy couple, with Summer's dress being the only modest one in the bunch and Hayden's in his "tux" (I actually made his tie and vest and he just wore his suit). Cuteness!!

Our theme this year was "One Night in Paris". My sixth and last prom to be in charge of! Hayden helped so much as a Junior Class officer. He and his friend Kolton actually built this Eiffel Tower. Kumen and I were the punch bowl guards all night, but I forgot to get a picture!

And it wouldn't be Paris without the Arc de Triomphe. Didn't my juniors do a great job? Note the Paris skyline in the background. It all turned out very nice and most important of all, the students had a great time. Au revoir to both Paris and prom-ming!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Celebrations!!

We've had lots of fun in the Adams Family lately! Celebrated two birthdays and made a trip to Disneyland! When Josh, Jill, and David arrived at the hotel in Anaheim, we immediately began to celebrate Josh's 23rd birthday (we decorated our suite beforehand). Here he is opening his presents.

He was really hoping for a ticket to Disneyland for his birthday (since he came all that way). He was not disappointed, silly boy.

Our three kids the next morning, ready to leave for the park. We were still waiting on Kumen and David.

Here we all are in line for Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of our faves.

We had a "My Disneyland Birthday Party" for Josh where we decorated little cakes, got sippy cups and...

met Mickey and Minnie! Sorry that the celebration was aimed at 2-year-olds, Josh! It was fun anyway. We learned a birthday song that we couldn't stop singing the rest of the trip, much to Hayden's annoyance.

On our second day, we met up with our cousin Leeshy! It was great to have her with us all day. She is also one of our faves. We also saw the Aladdin show that day which was great!

Kumen and I waiting for our dinner at the French Market. We had reservations at Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean, but DANG it was expensive, so we left. We knew it was, from the last time, but we had only been there at lunch. Dinner prices were $40 a plate. No, thanks. At the French Market we had things like seafood crepes, gumbo (spicy!), pommes frites, etc. at much more reasonable prices.

Our family in front of the castle on our last day...

Recognize these guys? We laughed so hard having these done. I bought them both at an exorbitant price to put up in the loft at the cabin, where we watch movies. They were so cute and I couldn't decide between them.

Josh looked so much like the actor, Hayden was so determined-looking, and I love David as Mace Windu!! (Disclaimer: that is NOT Jill's bellybutton, hers is much cuter)

When we got home we were trying to think of a theme for Hayden's 17th birthday! We loved the kitschy "Captain Eo" at Disneyland so much (the kids saw it 3 times, long live Michael Jackson!) that we went with that. I made these badges that Hayden's friends had to wear when we went to a movie and pizza in town. They had NO idea who Captain Eo was, but they were all into it.

Hayden with his Captain Eo cake. Yay! Happy Birthday to Josh and Hayden! It was a great couple of weeks! We really have to do more of this soon!!